Player characters for Jacks Playground

Harrow – (Airman Ralph White) Stolen from the fields of France in World War 2 by the Queen of Ice and Blood.

Tink – (Deborah Finkelstein) – A young model abducted from her audition for a part in London Fashion Week by Jack

Mr Rupert Plant (Fae Name: Mr Page)- A School teacher abducted by a gang from the streets seemingly to further the goals of a local property developer. Taken to a vast library. enslaved and later braneded by Vellum.

Katherina “Kate” De Costa (Fae Name: Vicky) – An archeologist opperating in London abducted by the Fox Prince, who stole her away to become his artist. She seems to have a strange relationship with the Hedge now that she has returned.

Player characters for Jacks Playground

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